JFS and Scranton District Dental Society join together to help residents. | November 30, 2018

JFS met with members of the Scranton District Dental Society on November 13, 2018 to speak about the Dental Program at JFS. Through JFS, dentists from the SDDS volunteer their time and donate resources to help qualified applicants in Lackawanna County get the Dental Care they need.

Scranton District Dental Society

Pictured in the photo:

Dr. Charles Scrimalli SDDS President, Sheila Nudelman Abdo JFS Executive Director, Dr. Chris Kotchick co-chair Mission of Mercy, Dr. Brendan Langan SDDS Officer

Dr. Samantha Adob SDDS VP, Dr. Megan Azar SDDS Secretary, Dr. Darleen Oleski PDA Government Relations Chair, Dr. Thomas Langan Jr SDDS VP

Dr. Kurt Wadsworth SDDS Past President, Cynthia Cox SDDS Marketing Coordinator, Dr. Joseph Kelly 3rd District Trustee, Colette Jesikiewicz JFS Administrative Services Coordinator, Dr. John Erhard SDDS Past President, Dr. Patrick Hayes SDDS Officer

Absent from photo Jewish Family Service volunteer dentists: Dr. Martin Bifano, Dr. Andrew Brown, Dr. William Burdyn, Dr. Justin Burns, Dr. Lawrence Gallagher, Dr. Joseph Gronsky, Dr. Stephanie Potter Hanyon, Dr. Brian Kerr, Dr. Frederick Lally, Dr. Sam Prisco Sr., Dr. Michael Ratchford, Dr. Stephen Solfanelli, Dr. Jan Stampien, Dr. Gary Wadsworth, Dr. Nancy Willis and Dr. Matthew Zale