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JFSNEPA Honors Staff and Installs New Officers at Annual Meeting

JFSNEPA prides itself on the continuity and longevity of our staff. Through the experience and knowledge they bring to the job each day it has allowed the agency to thrive and grow throughout the years. Although their years at JFS vary one thing that Anne Boland, Don Minkoff, Maggy Bushwick and Peter Dunford all have in common, they along with JFS Executive Director Sheila Nudelman Abdo have been with JFS for over 20 years. The staff members were honored with the Distinguished Service Award at the 102nd Annual Meeting held in the Linder Room at the Scranton JCC on June 27, 2017.

JFSNEPAPictured (Left to Right): Anne Boland, Don Minkoff, Maggy Bushwick and Peter Dunford.

As part of the Annual Meeting JFSNEPA also installed new officers and directors. Officers nominated to serve a one-year term include Eric Weinberg (President), Elliot Schoenberg (1st Vice President), Deirdre Spelman (2nd Vice President), Seth Gross (Treasurer) and Leah Laury (Secretary).

Directors nominated to serve a three-year term ending June 30, 2020 include Paulette Okun, Gayle Baar, Stacy Nivert and Ann Monsky. Larrissa Schwass was nominated to serve a consecutive Three-Year Term ending June 30, 2020.

Pictured (Left to Right): Paulette Okun, Gayle Baar, Stacy Nivert and Ann Monsky

Special thank you to those leaving the board including James Ellenbogan, David Kaplan, Natalie Gelb and Michael Noto.