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Maggy Bushwick returns as Part Time Geriatric Social Worker

Maggy BushwickMaggy Bushwick, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and National Certified Guardian, retired from her full time position as the Coordinator of Older Adult Services at Jewish Family Service in 2018. At the time of her retirement from her full time practice, she had served JFS for over 20 years in a variety of positions.

During her career as a social worker, both in Israel and America, she has worked with varied clientele from different races, ethnicity, places of origin and backgrounds. Much of Maggy’s practice has been and continues to be with the older adult community.

In her new position as a part time geriatric social worker, she’ll primarily focus on the mental, emotional and behavioral well-being of older adults. Based in the system theory, Maggy utilizes a holistic approach to psychotherapy and client’s relationship to his/her environment. Working at an accredited agency like JFS ensures the client that the highest standards of professionalism are achieved and supervision is ongoing.

“Everyone experiences the negative side of things at some point. You are not alone! Whether you are grieving a loss, feel lonely, are stressed by being a caregiver or experience anxiety or depression, I welcome the opportunity to get to know you.”

Maggy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and National Certified Guardian and is now accepting new clients!  Call (570) 344-1186 to set up an appointment.